Elena Koleva-Ivanova, Eleonora Mihalkova, Liliya Parvanova, Maria Popova, Tsvetelina Gospodinova, Victor Ivanov

Mission X-tendo

Mission X-tendo
title: Mission X-tendo
year: 2004
place: Sofia
publisher: Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia
ISBN/ISSN: 3-86588-028-2
language: english
author(s): Elena Koleva IvanovaEleonora MihalkovaLiliya ParvanovaMaria PopovaTsvetelina GospodinovaVictor Ivanov
source: Visual Seminar. Resident Fellows Program 2: An Eye for the Pale City, 2004, Sofia: Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia, ISBN: 3-86588-028-2


To treat the city as a system of elements – behaviour, environment, traffic, communications, signs, etc. and to use them for producing artworks. To realize projects
and programmes in the sphere of art and culture through observation, research and work in the urban environment.


  • to work for the perception, understanding, and awarding of new meanings to the city as essence, structure and situation/event
  • to search for possible ways of intervention of art within a specific urban system
  • to investigate, describe and expose the city environment by means of art – characteristics, attitudes and behaviour, semantics
  • to use the research, concepts and expertise of critical theory in the interpretation of the city, and apply these using the means available to art
  • to discuss the individual and his or her place in their urban surroundings
  • to encourage the inhabitants of the city to think of themselves as the main actor in events
  • to convert the art viewer into a part of the art product.

Principles and means
We treat the parameters of the city and behavior patterns in the city through the means of arts. We focus on typical locations and the typical behaviors associated with them, characteristic emotional states, ways of interaction between Me and the Other, actions and gestures from everyday life, etc. We describe the city features in collaboration with people from various theoretical domains. We are looking for relations, interaction and collaboration between science and art.

Expected Results

  • to synthesize the perception of the city on the level of the sign
  • to incorporate the means of art and science in the realization of projects and programmess in the field of art and culture within the context of the city and its inhabitants
  • to develop the relation between the human being and his/her environment to encourage the city inhabitants to be self-expressive and self-reflective as people acting and existing here and now
  • to shorten the distance between the one who perceives art and the one who makes art
  • to incorporate art in the urban environment
  • to enrich and develop the Bulgarian city by artistic means and with the help of science from the point of view of its functioning and dwellers
  • to transform the notion that the city is only a place for art, and to demonstrate how it can also be a means for art.
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