Vector. ICA-Sofia functions in line with Library 2.0 standards to respond to user demands and expectations. In this context, the aim is to develop content with user contributions, and to render information accessible in digital formats.

Periodicals from the last decades have been digitized and formatted according to the platform standards.

Low-resolution images of digital documents can be accessed by users from Rights statement on the use of high-resolution images for publication and similar purposes can be found upon request.

Users have the right to request photocopies when available. This right can be exercised in accordance with “The Principles of Copyright.” In each case, only one copy for research and specific study purposes is permitted. Photocopies from original sources must not exceed one article per issue or one chapter (or 10%) of a book.

DVDs/CDs cannot be reproduced without permission of copyright owners.
Vector. ICA-Sofia: Motives, Analyses, Critique is a project by the Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia.
The project is realised with the financial support of the National Fund Culture, Critique Programme