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Catalogue cover
Catalogue cover Design: Kalin Serapionov
title: Gelatin
year: 2005
editor(s): Maria Vassileva
place: Sofia
publisher: Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia
ISBN/ISSN: 3-86588-192-0
language: bulgarian, english
author(s): Maria VassilevaIara BoubnovaNedko SolakovGelatin
artist(s): Gelatin
photography: Gelatin, Assen Emilov, ICA - Sofia
design: Kalin Serapionov
related projects: Visual Seminar, Institute of Contemporary Art, Centre for Advanced Study Sofia
copyright: Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia, Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, Gelatin & Revolver, the authors
supported by: This project takes place in the framework of relations. relations is a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

The expectations about the arrival of Gelatin in Sofia were different but they all shared an enthusiasm or at least a certain tension. Some have seen their works, some have found themselves at their performances and others have heard or read about them. Even we, the organizers, were facing a wall of unknown quantities. Gelatin are certainly not the ideal correspondents, they call back only if it is absolutely necessary, and are not the people who would provide a preliminary project. So we were joking, amid anxieties and concerns, that we would see what would happen after they destroy the gallery that is not ours anyway.

Shortly before their appearance in Sofia we found out that they had decided to travel from Vienna to Sofia (a distance of 1020 km) by three Puch DS 50 scooters and a Vespa. Although the average age of our team cannot be described as teenage, nobody could recall when the moment of fame and glory of these vehicles was, so we had to resort to the Internet. What we saw did not give us any confidence. On the contrary, it reinforced our apprehensions as to whether Gelatin would arrive in Bulgaria at all, how many would make it here and in what state. We were lucky that we did not know the whole story then.

Maria Vassileva, excerpt from the text "on art and baby-rearing" from the catalogue

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