Double Bind

Published by Springerin, ICA-Sofia

Catalogue cover
Catalogue cover Design: Andreas Fogarasi
title: Double Bind
year: 2003
editor(s): Iara BoubnovaGeorg Scholhammer
place: Vienna/Sofia
publisher: Springerin/ICA-Sofia
language: bulgarian, english, german
author(s): Iara BoubnovaBoris BudenIvaylo DitchevKlaus RonnebergerGeorg Scholhammer
curator(s): Iara BoubnovaGeorg Scholhammer
artist(s): Josef DabernigBoryana DragoevaAndreas FogarasiPravdoliub IvanovKlub ZweiDaniela KostovaDorit MargreiterIvan MoudovStefan NikolaevLisl PongerFlorian PumhöslRassim
photography: Pravdolyub Ivanov
design: Andreas Fogarasi
related projects: "Double Bind", ATA Center for Contemporary Art; Irida Gallery; XXL Gallery, Sofia; curated by Iara Boubnova, Georg Scholhammer
copyright: the authors, the artists, ICA-Sofia, Springerin
colaborators: in cooperation with the "Days of Vienna" in Sofia 2002

Excerpt of the introductory text:

The Double Bind project is a meeting of conflicting messages that travel back and forth between cities, artists, and audiences. It is a "gesture of good will" aimed at sharing experiences originating from the home cities of the participating artists, Vienna and Sofia: cities as similar and different as any two European capitals can be. The mutual recognition of the participants in the proj ect was simply a result of the background they share - they are artists who live in large capital cities. They speak about different things in similar ways, and about similar things in different ways. The show is a mosaic of fragments that come together accord ing to the "double bind" logic of the phenomenon familiar to us from the field of psychology. It sends out conflicting messages, yet a common language is established while subduing the different contexts from which the artists come. They share an affinity for paradox and paradoxical vision, where one may be looking without actually seeing and vice versa. They reveal examples of "double bind" in their surrounding environments.

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