Ivaylo Ditchev

Interview with Ivaylo Ditchev / 25 Years ICA-Sofia Retrospective

title: Interview with Ivaylo Ditchev / 25 Years ICA-Sofia
year: 2020
date: September 15
place: Sofia
language: bulgarian
duration: 08:56 min
format: HD, 1920 P, 16:9
author(s): Ivaylo Ditchev
credits: video production & post-production: Kalin Serapionov
video documentation: Kalin Serapionov

Ivaylo Ditchev is professor of cultural anthropology at Sofia University, editor-in-chief of the journal “Seminar_BG”.

He was member of ICA-Sofia from 1999 untill 2006. On the ocassion of the exhibition "25 years and 5 themes later
. ICA–Sofia Retrospective" he shared his views on the recent history of Contemporary Art in Bulgaria and his experience at ICA-Sofia.

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